Measuring the Intangible

HR-meter is your comprehensive solution for talent assessment and management, dedicated to evaluating the intangible qualities that drive organizational success. With a focus on traits, potentials, and alignments that transcend conventional measures, HR-meter empowers you to make strategic decisions at every phase of your talent journey.





Safeguard your organization’s integrity with EthiCheck, ensuring that every individual who joins your ranks aligns with your ethical standards and values. Foster a culture of honesty and trustworthiness that not only enhances reputation but also fuels employee commitment.




Proven Productivity

Uncover the truth behind claims of past productivity. Proven Productivity allows you to verify the skills and ingenuity of potential team members, ensuring that those who join your workforce have the capability to tackle challenges head-on.




Human Potential Assessment

Dive into the depths of individual potential with the Human Potential Assessment. Beyond traditional measures, this assessment illuminates cognitive abilities, soft talents, and growth trajectories to guide personal and organizational development.




JobFit Assessment

Seamlessly pair candidates with roles that resonate with their innate strengths. The JobFit Assessment ensures a harmonious match between individuals and positions, enhancing overall performance.




Quick JobFit Assessment

Accelerate your hiring decisions. The Quick JobFit Assessment rapidly assesses alignment between candidates and job roles, enabling swift Go/NoGo choices.




TalentInSync Assessment

Strategically align talent with collective objectives using the TalentInSync Assessment. Unleash purpose-driven contributions, creating a workforce that thrives on meaningful engagement.

Key Features and Benefits

Holistic Insights

Capture intangible qualities such as ethics, potential, and alignment, delivering a holistic view of individuals that informs better decision-making.

Cohesive Teams

Assemble teams that synergize strengths, elevating collaboration, innovation, and results.


Navigate change seamlessly by aligning talent with evolving challenges, fostering agility and growth.

Engagement and Trust

Nurture a culture of commitment by matching values, enhancing both reputation and employee satisfaction.


Expedite recruitment and decision-making through swift assessments, saving time and resources.

Time for action

Elevate your talent management strategy with HR-meter: measuring the intangible and harness the potential of intangible qualities that drive your organization’s growth.